FUSION18 Tracks

Personalize your educational experience. Get face time with the leaders you need to meet to raise your skills, get inspired and get informed. Choose from over 90 breakout sessions organized into these 8 tracks:

Starting Your IT Transformation

If you just started or want to get started on your service management journey, then this is the track for you. The sessions in this track will take the mystery out of service management and answer questions on where to begin, what to look for and how to justify and organize your initiatives. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of different best practices, project initiation and management, business justification, roles and responsibilities, metrics for success, and much more.

Advanced Service Management

This track is for those who have significant experience and routinely handle more complex, hands-on issues in service management. The sessions in this track will delve into the future of service management, multiple frameworks, demonstrating business value, adapting ITSM to advances in technology, understanding and dealing with disruption, the internet of things, gamification, and consumerization.

Capitalizing on Your Service Management investment

You have laid the foundation and now it’s time to deliver high-quality IT services in a more effective and efficient way to differentiate your IT organization. Your business customers are more technology-savvy than ever and have little tolerance for poorly delivered and supported services. The sessions in this track will provide insights and practices that can enhance how your organization offers and manages IT services.

Cyber Security and Risk

As the always-connected technologies embed themselves more deeply into our organizations, the risk of attacks and breaches will only increase. While you cannot eliminate cybercrime, you can make things harder for would-be attackers and better safeguard the future of your organization. The sessions in this track will provide the insights your organization can use to mitigate vulnerability and manage risk.

IT Performance Improvement

Everyone wants to improve, but what to improve? How do we do it? And who has the time? How to quantify the business value of pursuing improvement opportunities? How does improvement fit into the context of the service lifecycle? Learn various techniques from industry experts who will share their experiences on how to measure, monitor, and improve your processes, service management program, and organization.

Organizational Change and How to Keep the Lights On

Although IT relies on people for innovation, growth, customer satisfaction, and ongoing support, understanding and managing cultural change while continuing to provide value to the business can be a challenge for any organization. The sessions in this track cover everything from transforming the way people work and influencing an organization’s culture to ensuring that service management value can be achieved and sustained for the long term.

Emerging and Strategic Technologies

Effective service management calls for applying an IT business strategic perspective to how we deliver IT services. The emerging technologies available to businesses continually shape IT’s strategic posture. The sessions in this track will provide fresh and timely perspectives on service management, giving participants the tools to gain a competitive advantage through expert insights into the latest industry trends.

DevOps and Agile

For service management professionals, modern systems pose many thorny challenges. The challenges can be inherently complex and often span multiple processes, technologies, and even organizations. Learn how the collaboration and integration of cross-functional teams can lead to better results through agile development, lean IT, and continuous delivery.